Bayrak Radio Television Corporation was established 50 years ago in December 1963, devoid of all necessary technical means, to voice the plight of Turkish Cypriots to the world. BRTK was founded by a handful of determined volunteers as Bayrak (meaning Flag in Turkish) Radio.

Bayrak Radio conducted its first Medium Wave broadcasts in a small garage using car batteries, telephone handsets as microphones and handmade transmitter systems. The first broadcasts which were made with 50 watt transmissions and 2 to 3 minute intervals only covered a limited distance of 250 meters. With a power upgrade to the station’s transmissions in 1964, Bayrak Radio’s broadcasts could be listened to in all corners of the island.

In 1976, Bayrak Radio became Bayrak Radio Television with the start of black and white TV test transmissions. BRT launched its first FM broadcast in 1977 and its first color TV broadcast in 1979. With the establishment of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus in 1983, Bayrak Radio Television acquired its own law becoming Bayrak Radio Television Corporation.

The Corporation’s radio and television broadcasts reached all corners of the country with the coming into service of the transmitter centre in İskele in 1983, the transmitter centre at Sinandağ in 1984 and the transmitter centre at Selvilitepe in 1987.

BRT launched its website in 1997.

Bayrak Radio and Television carried out its first analogue broadcasts abroad as BRT Int. via Turkish State Television’s-TRT Int. channel three times a week. Today, BRT carries out its broadcasts digitally and on satellite, 7 days a week 24 hours a day with its 2 TV channels and 4 radio stations. DVB T (Digital Video Broadcast Transmission) broadcasts are being conducted in 2 packages since 2008.

Today, Bayrak Radio Television Corporation with its 2 Television Channels and 6 Radio stations continues to be the voice of the Turkish Cypriot people.


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