Bayrak Radio Television Corporation which is the sole public broadcasting institution in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus has been the voice of the Turkish Cypriots since their struggle for existence began years ago. This has been its mission from the very beginning.

BRTK embraces the principles of objectivity, democracy and productivity while carrying out its broadcasts in line with the expectations of the Turkish Cypriots. It continues to keep up with technological advancements with the support of the Turkish Cypriot people.

The corporation whose radio and television broadcasts extend as far as the Middle East and Europe, places great emphasis and importance in producing objective programs in line with its historical mission and its principles of contemporary broadcasting.

The sensitivities of the Turkish Cypriot people, reliability and a strong sense of ethics are some of the many principles which defines BRTK’s mission.

The corporation not only pays attention to the feedback and demands of the public but is also actively involved in projects aimed at raising awareness on social responsibility issues.

The sensitivity we show towards such issues can be openly seen in the projects which we support.

It is amongst the BRTK’s priorities, as a public broadcaster, to voice the views and ideas of all segments of society, to be a pioneer and leader in news broadcasting and to give room to the social, cultural, and sports developments in the country.


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