Turkey slams US

02 09 2020 13:05

The US decision to partially lift an arms embargo from South Cyprus, poisoning hopes for peace in the Eastern Mediterranean, is incompatible with the spirit of alliance, said Turkey late on Tuesday.

The US decision announced on Tuesday to lift the arms embargo for the Greek Cypriot administration in South Cyprus ignores the equality and balance between the two peoples on the island, said a Turkish Foreign Ministry statement.

The decision will definitely hurt efforts to resolve the Cyprus issue, it added.

The ministry stressed that at a time of ongoing efforts to reduce tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean, the US making such a decision is incompatible with the spirit of alliance.

“We expect the US to reconsider its decision and support existing efforts to establish peace and stability in the region,” it said.

Turkey, as a guarantor country for Cyprus, will resolutely take the necessary steps to guarantee the security of the Turkish Cypriots in accordance with its legal and historical responsibility, the ministry highlighted.


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